Hon - FarmingGtfo Application

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Hon - FarmingGtfo Application

Post by Mauzzy on Tue Nov 08, 2011 12:55 am

• Public Skill Rating (PSR): 1647
• Matchmaking Rating (MMR) (Normal): 1575 (on a 6 game losing streak atm)
• Matchmaking Rating (MMR) (Casual): 1568 (8 games total played)
• KDR: publics-0.53/normal-0.72/casual-1.38
• Favourite Hero(s): valk,pyro,magmus,polly,slither,jera
• The Role you enjoy playing (Support, Carry, etc.):Everything under the sun besides Hardcarry
• How long you have played HoN: I started playing hon with no dota experience at the start of open beta, So i think around 2 years.
• Ingame Name:FarmingGtfo

The game you’re applying for: HoN
• Age:26
• Nationality: American
• Time zone you play in: EST
• Character name: FarmingGtfo
• How did you find us?: Player`2 responded to my post looking for a clan or group for tmm
• Tell us about your guild/corp/clan history, where have you been and with who?:Don't have any in Hon only got a couple people i play with H1ross/hypervyper , Played a ton of wow on the server US stormscale as Mauzzkyl/Mauzzy/Reflex/Tze
• Do you have a microphone and are you willing to use it?: Yeap
• Which division are you applying for? Competitive or Casual:I would like to think of my self as competitive but have no issues with whatever my skill level is set at when i try out.
• Additional information:


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Re: Hon - FarmingGtfo Application

Post by MakotsuventuS on Fri Nov 11, 2011 12:22 am

Hey Farming!
we gladly welcome you to kaizen gaming!

ill shortly PM you the info of our voice server mumble soon, and when you're on teamspeak, find Konoe, fac, Makoto, or Zappia for a trial game!

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