HoN Nomi/Bossy_Bear Application

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HoN Nomi/Bossy_Bear Application

Post by Nomi on Sat Oct 29, 2011 12:06 pm

• The game you’re applying for: Heroes of Newerth (until DOTA2 is out at any rate)
• Age: 20
• Nationality: Glorious Americanets
• Time zone you play in: EST
• How did you find us?: A Makoto post in the HoN forums.
• Tell us about your guild/corp/clan history, where have you been and with who?: Never been in a legit clan, only multi-platform "communities."
• Do you have a microphone and are you willing to use it?: Yarp
• Which division are you applying for? Competitive or Casual: Casual
• Additional information (Optional cool guy section, write a joke, a funny story, whatever you want or nothing at all): When I was in High School learning about China and the Mandate of Heaven, I always thought it sounded funny. So whenever the word "mandate" would come up in a conversation (not often I'll admit) I would blurt out "THE MANDATE OF HEAVEN," but nobody ever understood.

• Public Skill Rating (PSR): 1462
• Matchmaking Rating (MMR) (Normal): 1546
• Matchmaking Rating (MMR) (Casual): n/a
• KDR: .8
• Favourite Hero(s): I only just bought him, but Nomad is a total badass.
• The Role you enjoy playing (Support, Carry, etc.): I really have no preference. Everyone likes to be the one getting the kills though.
• How long you have played HoN: I played a bit in the closed beta, stopped, and picked it up again when it went F2P
• Ingame Name: Bossy_Bear

I'm mediocre. That's pretty much all there is to it. I've got much to learn (particularly about what items to get and when). I'm just looking for a group of laid-back people to play with so I can enjoy at least a modicum of teamwork.

I think I've covered everything.


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Re: HoN Nomi/Bossy_Bear Application

Post by MakotsuventuS on Mon Oct 31, 2011 1:13 am

hey Nomi!
we gladly welcome you to kaizen gaming!

ill shortly PM you the info of our voice server mumble soon, and when you're on, find Konoe, fac, or Makoto for a trial game!

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