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Un-Registered look here!

Post by Rhythmix on Wed Sep 21, 2011 11:13 am

We welcome members of the public to sign up to and to use our forum here at Kaizen Gaming. This is a gaming site for competitive and casual people alike, so we don't have a ton of rules that we enforce upon our members. The main things we insist upon is that there's no discrimination in any form, no extremely offensive behaviour and no negativity.

One or two sections remain closed to the public as they are for clan members only. If you are looking to apply to join Kaizen Gaming then please follow the instructions in the recruitment forum.

Please note, you cannot use a fake E-mail address on this site. The validation process requires that you validate your E-mail and then the admin will approve your account, which is usually very quickly by even the best of peoples standards.

Process of signing up:

You register,
The forum sends you a E-mail for you to confirm its your email address,
You validate your account,
Then you can post,

Kaizen Gaming Admin team.


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