LOL aplication

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LOL aplication

Post by Fanfan on Wed Oct 26, 2011 4:58 am

The game you’re applying for: League of legends
• Age:23
• Nationality: belgium
• Time zone you play in: gmt + 1
• Character name: EligiaPanama
• How did you find us?: Gerbo told me abouth u guys
• Tell us about your guild/corp/clan history, where have you been and with who?
I have been playing LOL with some friends now (like Gerbo) and we managed to understand teh game rather well. But in gaming history I mainly played cs on high level and won a couple of lans. So I know what dedication means and I know how to handle stress in important games.
• Do you have a microphone and are you willing to use it?
yes , If my girlfriend is not asleep :p
• Which division are you applying for? Competitive or Casual:
A mix but mainly competitive. I only enjoy a game if its played good and with understanding. But if all fun is gone because we take it 2 serious then why are we playing? So I enjoy a good laugh and some trolling now and then. But a lot of serious gaming is also needed to have good games.

League of Legends

• Summoner level: 30
• Character style e.g. support, DPS:
I used to jungle a lot, but now I prefer to play DPS bot. Especcialy when laning with gerbo. We develloped a good understanding in support/carry and we can hold of some top elo gamers.
• Games played: honestly no clue i got over 580 wins in normal + some 3v3 (wich isn't in the count) and some dominion got to gues i did over 1000 games easely
• How long have you played LoL: hmmm i've been playing for 1 year now and rather active

For the competitive players who will enter into scrims and competitions then please fill in the following as well. We ask for people with over 200 games played, a willingness to improve and a competitive temprement.

• Games won: around 580 + 300 on other account in normal. In ranked I got over the 10 now and last seaon over the 20.
• Elo Ranking: 1150 currently (had some idiot team lineups that made my elo go down) ,1300 last seazon
• Main characters:
carky, graves, mf and vayne
• What you want to achieve: i want to have fun and play some tourneys on esl and such and maybe even do some lans
• Your desired role: dps-carry
• The time you can commit: depends on my work and my girlfriend. But it is quit a lot of time
• Available practise times: Olmost every weekend and during the week 2 to 3 nights at least.


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Re: LOL aplication

Post by Rhythmix on Thu Oct 27, 2011 3:25 am

Solid application. I'll send you the mumble details.



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