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LOL Application

Post by Soakar on Mon Oct 24, 2011 3:43 am

• The game you’re applying for: League of Legends
• Age: 20
• Nationality: English
• Time zone you play in: GMT
• Character name: Soakar
• How did you find us?: League of Legends forums.
• Tell us about your guild/corp/clan history, where have you been and with who? Never been in a clan on LoL. I have been in a number of others at times but I tend to stick with one if the community is good. (I still play games with another 'community' now, we used to be a clan but now we are just a group on a mumble server - though they don't play LoL, which brings me here.)
• Do you have a microphone and are you willing to use it? I have a mic and I am most certainly willing to use it.
• Which division are you applying for? Competitive or Casual: Casual for now as I'm rather new to LoL but I would hope to get into competitive once I am ready.
• Additional information (Optional cool guy section, write a joke, a funny story, whatever you want or nothing at all):

• Summoner level: 13 almost 14
• Character style e.g. support, DPS: I tend to play DPS, my favourites being Vayne and Caitlyn.
• Games played: Around 60.
• How long have you played LoL: 3 weeks now, not long I know but after watching some streams and videos I've picked up on how to play the game and what to do. I just lacks runes and mastery points.


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Re: LOL Application

Post by Rhythmix on Mon Oct 24, 2011 5:07 am

Alright there fella! The section leader will get back to you asap. In the meantime I'll send you the mumble details.



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