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Post by GodsReaper on Sat Oct 01, 2011 11:08 am

• Public Skill Rating (PSR): 16-1700
• Matchmaking Rating (MMR) (Normal):16-1700
• Matchmaking Rating (MMR) (Casual): I usually don't play casual
• KDR: 1.1-1.4 Average.
• Favourite Hero(s): Wretched Hag, Soulstealer, Puppet Master, Behemoth, Magmus.
• The Role you enjoy playing (Support, Carry, etc.): Carry/Initiation
• How long you have played HoN: A year
• Ingame Name: Tuntraz, _Cloud, GodsReaper

Just a sidenote:

Hello Everyone!

My name is Andy and I've been playing Heroes of Newerth (HoN henceforth) for a year now. I was part of a casual clan for quite some time but the other members are inactive and I've found myself playing solo more often than not which as you know can be quite a pain. I'm 21 years old and I have a working headset, Skype, and TS3. I do not however have mumble although that could be fixed easily if need be. My favorite role in HoN is to initiate. I love starting fights and catching people out...but I've gotten used to carrying as that's usually how I gain MMR. It's usually quite sad when you initiate and your follow-up doesn't have the power to kill anyone even when the majority of the enemy team is at 1/2 hp or less. Enough of that though...this isn't a place to rant. Basically I'm just looking for a group of people to practice and get better with. I'm a pretty easy going guy but I am prone to getting angry sometimes....HoN brings out the worst in us. I am however capable of keeping it under wraps. I hope my honesty hasn't failed my application and I hope to hear from you soon.



Also...I'm not very experienced with forums if you can't tell Razz


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Re: HoN-Application

Post by MakotsuventuS on Sun Oct 02, 2011 12:23 am

hello Andy!
im the HoN section leader of our clan, and im happy to know we'd love an initiator on our team!

as you can see im setting up a brand new hon section, and i've not got many members. but for sure id hope to be really active and unlike your old clan, we can have some 5v5 TMM clan fun!

Kaizen gaming welcomes you very much, hope to see you on often and stuff
ill shortly PM you the information about mumble and our server, so hopefully you come on soon
we have a 2 week period, if you are active enough and enjoy this clan, we will officially make you a member ^~^

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