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Hon application

Post by Criptomb on Tue Dec 27, 2011 7:45 am

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I am currently in my friends clan but its split up into different language speaking groups and almost no one speaks english well. Thats why i want to join a clan where i could get on skype or mumble and just have a good fun game maybe even boost my mmr.
Yes. Yes.
Please dont dismiss my application just because im 15, have a chat or a talk with me and then decide Smile .

PSR - ~ 1500 , don't really play stat public games.
MMR - ~ 1500.
MMR (casual) - 1500 , dont play it at all.
KDR : 1.72 K+ADR: 3.52
Many fav. heroes, mostly non jungle melee carries.
About 2 months, have 200 games played in SotIS and around 700 in LoL

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