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LoL Application

Post by Tatybojangles on Tue Nov 08, 2011 8:54 am

Hi Guys,

I have played a few games with some of you, not sure whether I am in or not, so I thought id do this anyway.

The game you’re applying for: League of Legends
• Age: 20
• Nationality: British
• Time zone you play in: GMT
• Character name: Tatybojangles
• How did you find us?: Krixus (Oli) introduced me to you
• Tell us about your guild/corp/clan history, where have you been and with who? Virtually non existent. Up until now i have only really played with friends, however many of them are several hundred games above me in experience.
• Do you have a microphone and are you willing to use it? Already spoken to many of you on mumble, team speak and skype.
• Which division are you applying for? Competitive or Casual: At the moment due to my job i can only really play a game or two in the evening, and most of the time at the weekends, I would like to apply for competitive but if i cant due to those restrictions then Casual. I really just want to become a better player and play with some cool guys who dont cry or troll or quit etc
• Additional information (Optional cool guy section, write a joke, a funny story, whatever you want or nothing at all): Since my sense of humour can take a bit of getting used too (dont worry not offensive), ill leave this section blank

• Summoner level: 30
• Character style e.g. support, DPS: Prefer solo top with a tanky hero, e.g. Nasus (probably my favourite right know although that changed alot), Tankplank, Irelia, Jarvan
• Games played: I have around 350 wins, and have played about 700 games in total
• How long have you played LoL: Almost a year now.

• Games won: as i said above 350
• Elo Ranking: as i have only played a few ranked its not very representative, last season it was just short of 1400 with about 8 games played, and i have only played (and won) in the pre season.
• Main characters: Nasus, Gangplank (either tankplank or jungleplank), Irelia, Jarvan, Garen, Amumu (jungle), Nunu, Singed, Vlad, Annie, Sona
• What you want to achieve: Become a better player, have some fun.
• Your desired role: Solo Top
• The time you can commit: Many games on Saturdays / maybe Sundays too, one or two a few nights a week
• Available practice times: Preferable Weekends, but flexible

Cheers Guys
Tatybojangles (Sam)


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Re: LoL Application

Post by Rhythmix on Wed Nov 09, 2011 6:01 am

Alright mate, you've been referred by Oli? That's good enough for me then. I'll send you TS details via PM. Your two week trial begins now.




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